Saturday, 3 March 2012

We are all going to live in chairs

Yes that's right. In the future we are not going to need buildings any more, chairs are the way forward!

"Designer Eduardo McIntosh has proposed a way of putting all the 

functions of a home into a single chair."

Isn't the main function of a home/buildings in general to provide 


Called Autonomous Living Unit, the project envisages furniture 

that could be installed in derelict buildings and deserted housing 

projects to “provide for the basic needs of the 21st century human 


Autonomous Living Units is a somewhat satirical project that stands 

at the intersection of the current housing crisis, the tendency of 

people in developed countries to live on their own and the trend of 

turning architecture into a consumer product.

He is basically being ironic and suggesting that our values as human beings has been reduced to its principal values.

Look at these beautiful renders. I have stared to demonstrate how to develop spaces in my other blog, but if you get good at it it can lead you to creating images like this!

There is a very raw and constructivist element to this project along with the ideas of Dystopia; that theses 'shelters' have been made out of the ruins of buildings, yet people are still able to use them to survive. Maybe it is a message to the governments about the tensions surrounding nuclear arms? Especially seeing as the Iran situation is getting worse.

As always let me know what you think!



  1. do want do want do want


  2. Haha all it needs is an Xbox, some way of pumping food and drink into your body and a waste pipe and you wont ever need to move again haha

  3. A multifunction chair, well that's a thought.

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  5. not a half bad chair by the looks
    but by no means a replacement for everything
    thankfully it's more of a joke otherwise I might have been worried

    1. Well you never know what the future might conjure up! Who would have thought that monkeys would ever fly through the air in tin boxes?!?!

  6. reminds me of the movie "surrogates"
    very cool

    1. Thank you I will check that one out! By the way I would like to follow you, but cannot access your profile? You may need to make it public.

  7. Too bad you won't look like a supermodel if you sit in that chair all day.

  8. I already live in a chair. This would sure make it more convenient, though!

  9. wow! cool concept... a bit like Wall-e where we all just lost our joints from only sitting in chairs!
    kinda scary too :P

  10. Very cool I was actually thinking of the Matrix where everyone is hooked into those beehive type things... Cool stuff.

  11. this would be awesome to have!! take my money already!!

  12. what ?? i like movement so i'll not buy this